The first step in receiving warranty service on your firearm is to fill out the Warranty Request Form. Once Altor Corporation receives and reviews the form we will determine if you need to send us your firearm for a warranty repair or if all you require is a replacement part which we will send to you.

If it is determined you need to send Altor Corporation your firearm it is important to follow these steps:

  • make sure the firearm is unloaded prior to packaging.
  • keep a record of your serial number prior to packaging your firearm for shipping.
  • make sure your firearm is adequately packaged and insured as Altor Corporation is not responsible for damage that occurs during shipping.
  • retain your tracking information when shipping your firearm.
  • please include a copy of valid FFL & any state licenses required, if applicable.
  • be sure to send in the complete firearm.
  • use either UPS or FEDEX to ship your firearm.  The US Postal service will not ship firearms. You pay the shipping cost.
  • ship your firearm to: Altor Corporation, 2225 W Mountain View Rd, Suite 6, Phoenix, AZ 85021
  • once your firearm is received by Altor Corporation we will contact you via email with an estimated repair time and then again once we have shipped your firearm back to you.