Altor Corporation currently offers two types of single shot self defense pistols.

ALTOR ® Pistol, 380 ACP caliber, with black handle   Product Code #00020

ALTOR ® Pistol, 9mm caliber, with black handle      Product Code #00022

Learn more about them in our Product Brochure.

Why Choose an Altor Pistol?

Unmatched Simplicity

  • Foolproof Operation – Only two parts to connect to load and fire
  • Only six parts in total – Routine cleaning involves just two parts!
  • Reliable – Simple striker fired operation

Quality Construction

  • All metals parts are quality stainless steel
  • All synthetic parts are firearms grade premium polymer

User Friendly Design

  • Sleek, modern look – non-threatening appearance
  • Fully ambidextrous – functions from either side, both side marked
  • Ergonomic design, lightweight – easy to hold. easy to carry.
  • Unique Firm and Even Trigger Pull – light recoil
  • Traditional Button Safety – industry standard
  • Additional Barrel Safety – Plus double action only operation
  • Integral Extractor – makes reloading easy and quick.

Exceptional Value PLUS Lifetime Warranty