Altor pistols are available only through Federal Firearms Licensed dealers. Furthermore, according to ATF regulations, the Altor receiver is defined as a firearm and must bear a unique serial number. As such, we do not sell receivers direct to the public either.
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Black Vidua

Altor Corporation does not sell firearms directly online, but the Black Vidua is available online through

The BLACK VIDUA Altor pistol (Black Widow in Latin) is the quietest covert weapon ever developed once a suppressor is attached. It is also the simplest and least expensive covert weapon. Both the barrel and the included thread protector have been black nitride coated to increase the hardness and corrosion resistance, as well as make the entire pistol black, Virtually indestructible, Threaded to accept a suppressor (1/2-28), Just a quiet as the legendary “Hushpuppy” used by Navy Seal teams in Southeast Asia, but much simpler and durable,Ā  Integral Sights, Push Button Safety, Textured grip, Striker Fired, Ambidextrous Ergonomic design, Lightweight, Double Action, Lifetime Warranty, Made in USA


Please note: These barrels are interchangeable since there is only one size receiver


These are hollow polymer handles only and do not contain any metal parts to assemble a firearm. Any illustrations are for information only. Customers will not be able to assemble a firearm without the ATF controlled receiver which is not sold online. If you want a complete firearm, you have to buy one through a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer.

Please note: All handles are coated with CerakoteĀ®. Every order includes a spare split spring stainless steel attachment pin.