21 Gun Salute Donation as a Tribute to Law Enforcement

Altor Corporation, the Arizona manufacturer of the unique Altor pistol, has just donated 21 Altor pistols as a 21 Gun Salute to Law Enforcement. These pistols will be given away free to qualified members of Law Enforcement in a partnership with American COPS magazine.

Altor President, Alexander Malcolm, stated he did this since he was distressed about the recent backlash against law enforcement and the ridiculous demands to defund the police. The company chose to call this donation a “21 Gun Salute” since in 1812 that became the highest honor the US rendered to its heroes.

Altor Corporation has made this donation to honor our heroes in Law Enforcement!

The single shot Altor pistol is a great backup gun for Law Enforcement or as a stash gun at home. It is also a useful tool for farmers, ranchers, horseback riders, hikers, and other outdoor people. It is perfectly simple and simply perfect since it has only two parts to operate it. All parts are stainless steel or engineering grade polymer, and everything is made in the U.S.A.! It is the Lowest Price Pistol Ever!

For more information go to www.altorcorp.com or visit www.americancop.com to enter the drawing.

2 thoughts on “21 Gun Salute Donation as a Tribute to Law Enforcement

  1. Mike McManama

    It is a fun pistol to shoot!

    As well, I commend Mr. Malcom for the 21 gun salute. We need more people interested in building our country instead of tearing it apart like socialists.

  2. Frankie

    Just wanted to say that this is truly a fantastic survival tool. I’ve purchased a couple of them 1 stays in a survival kit and the other is my camping/trail pistol.

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